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Top Notch performance

To celebrate Waitangi Day (NZ Day), residents at Kewarra Aged Care hosted the Nga Matawaka Maori Cultural Group for a special performance of traditional dance and song.

The not-for-profit group is devoted to celebrating Maori culture and sharing their passion with others. Frequent visitors to the home before the pandemic, the group was warmly welcomed back by residents who were thrilled to watch the energetic performers again.

The group has its origins in 2015 when a single Maori family migrated to Carins and wondered how they could keep their traditions alive. Much to their surprise, they found an even larger group of kiwis in the area than in their hometown of Auckland and so Nga Matawaka Maori was born. Now the family group perform all over Cairns teaching traditional Maori song and dance to those who wish to learn.

With a rich cultural program at Kewarra Aged Care throughout the year, the visit was a very special highlight. Nicky Mifsud, Lifestyle Coordinator, said, ‘The group delivered a powerful message and left such an impression on everyone’. Resident David told her, ‘this is the best performance I have seen, and I have been here five years. Top notch!’.

For the residents who originally came from New Zealand the visit was an extra special treat. Dawn said, ‘That was just wonderful, I knew all the words and it bought back many happy memories of NZ,’ while Barbara added, ‘I love it, it makes me happy when I am reminded of NZ’.


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