Assisted living - Admissions

If you are considering an aged care home for a loved one requiring assisted living, it is important to know that Kewarra Aged Care will be subsidised by the Australian Government. 


There are 5 important steps to follow before residents
can move in:


1. Are they eligible?

The first step is to contact a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for a free assessment to determine eligibility.  Doctors and/or health care professionals usually undertake this.  To find a local ACAT call 1800 200 422 or visit


You will receive a letter to confirm if your loved one has been approved for aged care services. 


2. Finding an aged care home?

Assisted living residences can differ from home to home.  Therefore it is important that the home meets the needs of your loved one and that they will be happy to live there. 


To search for an aged care home visit

3. What do they need to pay?

Your loved one may be asked to pay towards their care, accommodation and daily living costs.  The amount will depend on the individual’s financial situation.  Further information can be found at


Also refer to our ‘fees and payment explained’ 


4. How to apply for an aged care home?

Application forms are available from every aged care home.  Once completed and submitted, the home will make contact if suitable accommodation becomes available.


Call us directly on 07 4242 2000 or email for an application form. 

5. What is it like to live in an aged care home with assisted living?

If your loved one is offered accommodation by an aged care home, they will be required to enter into a formal residential agreement before moving in.  This covers details such as services, fees, rights and responsibilities.


For further information on the ‘Five steps to entry into aged care’ refer to the government link below or call us on 07 4242 2000 or visit our Contact Us page.