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St Patrick's Day

The team at Kewarra Aged Care love celebrating significant cultural events and St Patrick’s Day was always going to be a highlight.

Celebrations kicked off at Friday happy hour which had a distinctly Irish flavour with green drinks flowing while Alan Russack, a regular performer at the home, had everyone up dancing and singing along to traditional Irish songs.

One day to celebrate simply wasn’t enough for this party crowd and on Saturday the Highland Irish Dance Company performed at the home much to everyone’s delight. Residents clapped along to the music and tapped their feet to the tunes.

Resident Kathleen said, ‘I used to be a dancer, and the footwork on the children is exceptional,’ while Zelma said, ‘They are so beautiful, I can’t remember when I last felt so happy’.

The dancers ranged in age from four to teens and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as everyone watched the little ones dance. Resident David said, ‘I am crying happy tears. It’s so lovely,’ with Judy adding, ‘I am so happy, I don’t know why I am crying’.


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