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On the ball at Kewarra

There were a few cases of white line fever among excited residents at Kewarra Aged Care recently when NRL players Brendon Elliot and Riley Price from the North Queensland Cowboys, and Pone Tongia from the Northern Pride, visited the home.

The residents had prepared some questions for the players to find out more about their careers and what they did outside of football. Some cheeky residents tossed in a few curve ball questions asking if they were single or wanted to go on a date. Brendan said he couldn’t because he was married, but added that, ‘Riley might be keen though’.

The players generously shared their merchandise and signed team posters for the residents. One resident, Elizabeth, said she has been a fan since moving from Melbourne and she loved having the players in to sign all of the posters, adding that they were, ‘good to look at too!’.

Many of the ladies were swooning over the players with resident Judy declaring, ‘I want to marry Brendon Elliot,’ while Vivien said, ‘I better get out of here before I get married again’.

There was no shortage of laughs during the visit and the residents were delighted to have the players visit their home. Looks like there may be a few new members of the cheer squad this season.


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