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Lest we forget

On ANZAC Day, we take this time to remember all who have served for our country. While those who participated in active service were heavily impacted by the sights of war, often the effects were felt by family members as well.

Raymond Arriola, resident at Kewarra Aged Care, was 16 years old when he joined the services. At the time the Australian media portrayed conscription in a positive way. Army life and national service were generally praised.

‘Back then it was the thing to do,’ says Raymond, ‘good job, steady income, so I sent money back to my mum who was looking after dad’.

Raymond was deployed to Vietnam with Navy forces as a Training Officer Leading Seaman. He says, ‘All the boys were mates, we used to have a lot of fun when we went to port. But those lads saved me, they dragged me out of the mud after I got a bullet to the head’.

Raymond recovered from his physical injuries, but like many who returned from war, suffered with PTST for much of his life. However, not one to complain, he says with a smile, ‘What happens at sea, stays at sea’.


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