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Combatting loneliness

Loneliness in older adults is not only socially isolating but can also have a serious effect on health. Did you know that social isolation is associated with an approximately 50% increased risk of dementia and other medical conditions?

It’s important to realise that loneliness impacts everyone at some stage in their lives, no matter the age. Many seniors don’t realise how lonely they are until their circumstances change and they enter a warm and welcoming community such as Kewarra Aged Care.

For resident, Frances, living at Kewarra Aged Care has meant she has overcome that feeling of loneliness and she finds herself being more social than she ever was at home. With no time to be bored, Frances’ active life helps to keep her connected to our internal and external Kewarra community.

Continue reading her story below to see how living at Kewarra Aged Care has enriched her life.

What do you enjoy most about living at Kewarra Aged Care?

I have met some new friends and we encourage each other to go to activities, simply by knocking on each other’s doors and walking together to meals as well. I love the fact if I want time on my own to rest, or read a book I can, there is no pressure I still have a choice to do what I like on my own time.

All the staff are lovely and helpful, and are such hard workers, they always show the residents and I respect. One of my favourite activities at the home would be the musicians as it brings back happy memories.

Have you felt less lonely since moving into the community?

Yes and no. I feel part of a lovely community at Kewarra, and it is nice to have things to do that I wouldn’t normally do, and chat to people I wouldn’t have in the past so in that sense I don’t feel lonely. However, I can’t help but remember the ‘good ol’ days’ of my past with people from other areas of my life.

Has living at Kewarra Aged Care helped increase your socialisation? Have you made some friends since moving in?

Yes, it has helped increase my socialisation and I have made some wonderful friends since moving in, including my closest friends, Zelma and Margaret. I am joining in on activities that I normally wouldn’t if I didn’t live at Kewarra, so I spend a lot of time specialising with other residents.

Do you have a special memory from when you first arrived at Kewarra and what it was that made you feel welcomed?

To tell the truth I didn't feel like I would like the place - but living here has since changed my mind. Engaging with staff, particularly the Lifestyle Coordinator, Nicky, has guided and helped me come out of my shell more.

She definitely put me under her wing and gave me the confidence to come to mealtime first, then morning teas, then ‘bob’s your uncle’ and I go to everything now.

How does Kewarra Aged Care keep you connected to your family or loved ones?

With my family living close by I can see my daughter quite often and she calls me each night at 4.30 pm on the dot. She buys me special treats, so I don’t miss out and I love going on outings with her.

Before moving into Kewarra Aged Care, I was living in London, and had never lived anywhere else so this was a big change on its own, but seeing my daughter so often is wonderful and allows me to stay connected to my family.


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