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Breaking down the barriers: Kewarra multi-generational program

Kewarra Aged Care has introduced a multi-generational program which provides an opportunity for residents to spend time with young people connecting through shared activity and storytelling.

Sun Pacific English College has an international campus at Kewarra Beach and hosts students from around the world who come to learn English and experience Australian culture.

Nicky Mifsud, Lifestyle Coordinator at Kewarra Aged Care had previously been a host mum for students from the college and as a result of this experience developed the program as a way of breaking through generational and cultural barriers.

On the student’s first visit to the home, they shared their stories and were also keen to learn about the residents’ backgrounds. Nicky said, ‘By the end of the hour, students were wanting to adopt their new friends and did not want to leave’.

The residents made Aussie themed hats for their guests, while the students shared their origami skills with the group and freshly made pancakes were enjoyed as a special treat.

Resident, Dawn, said, ‘Oh, I just loved the afternoon. My student was so sweet, she didn’t want to let me go,’ while another resident, Maria, said, ‘This is just perfect, children make me so happy, bless you’.

Kewarra Aged Care will work together with Sun Pacific English College throughout the year to plan visits and introduce new students to the program.

Nicky says the residents are eagerly looking forward to the monthly visits, but she expects to see much more of the students as many of them have expressed an interest in volunteering at the home and even working there while they are studying in Australia.


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