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Eric’s Journey

Eric is one of the first residents to move into Kewarra Aged Care and having settled in, he is loving it. Eric and Margaret have been together for 57 years and after Eric became unwell, Margaret made the difficult decision to find an aged care home where Eric could get the support he needed with day to day living.

When she heard about Kewarra Aged Care opening, she decided to apply and move Eric closer to her. “Our daughter and the family are only a few minutes away and it just makes it so much easier. It took me 6 minutes to drive here – which was wonderful” said Margaret. Previously she was travelling up to half an hour each way at busy times on the road to visit Eric within another home.

One of the things that sets Kewarra Aged Care apart is its beautiful location. It is approximately 20 kilometres north of Cairns airport and nestled within the small coastal township of Kewarra Beach. The home is a stone’s throw from the stunning tranquil beach and offers relaxing and serene surrounds.

Most importantly, Margaret wanted peace of mind knowing that Eric would be cared for within a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment. She was particular in ensuring that Eric’s daily care needs could be met as he also has difficulty walking. Kewarra Aged Care’s dedicated care team have qualifications and experience in aged care, always providing that on-hand support which put her at ease. She was very happy saying “the staff at Kewarra Aged Care have been really good at taking care of him. They have been attending to his showering, dressing and his wounds”.

Prior to Eric moving in, they both walked through the home to ensure it felt homely, comfortable and had their questioned answered. They are delighted with Eric’s brand new charming suite which views a landscaped courtyard. It is light and spacious. “Eric can look out the lovely big window and can see what is going on – the birds flying around and he’s fine. He hasn’t grumbling at all,” said Margaret.

The lovely feel of the home left no doubt that this is where they wanted Eric to be living. One of the design features of the home is the open, light and modern communal areas and also the architecture flowing outside too. “There are lovely big windows and you can see right out. It’s really good. You’re not closed in and have plenty to look at if you are in the dining room, the lounge or even the café. The glass goes up high, very very high, it’s just beautiful. There are pictures on the wall for you to look at if you are waiting anywhere – it’s good,” said Margaret.

Eric is happy to call Kewarra Aged Care home where he feels safe, cared for and part of a community. “This is a beautiful new home which is gorgeous” said Margaret.

Come and take a look for yourself!

PH: 4242 2000

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