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ANZAC Day with Alfred Segall (Jay)

This ANZAC Day, we honour the sacrifice made by our residents who have been involved in active service. Their selfless courage in the service of our country is admired and respected by all.

Our wonderful resident, Jay, has shared his story from when he was involved in active service.

Jay joined the national service in Warrick England, on 19 April 1945 at 18 years of age. He commenced monthly training with the ‘27 Young Soldiers Battalion’ for potential officers and NCO’s. After the completion of his training, Jay travelled to Ireland for a short time and was involved in the army services there.

The training camp was then closed and Jay was transferred to India in 1947 where he served for approximately six months. Jay was happy to be in India at that time, due to the country gaining its independence.

Following his six months in India, Jay travelled back to the UK where he spent time in the ‘4Lal Unit’ in Dover, England. Whilst spending time in England, Jay changed to AJA Regiment where he was running a very successful transport unit. It was at this time that Jay met his wife. He was 20 years old.

In late 1947, Jay went to work in Germany as an Intelligence Officer GS03. Jay said that his ‘time in Germany was after World War II and a very peaceful place to be’. His time in Germany found Jay fortunate enough to be part of training Australian Artillery Officers. Jay said that it was at this time that he ‘learnt to drink [alcohol] too’.

This experience meant that Jay was in the company of Australians, and as a result, he was given the opportunity to join the Australian Army and went to the selection board for approval.

In 1953, Jay returned to Australia and resided in George Heights, Sydney Harbour, where he served in the Australian Army for eight years.

Jay resigned from the Australian Army in 1961 and was lucky enough to be offered a position with a French Petroleum Company which took him to live overseas once again, where he worked successfully until his return to Australia.

Jay is now a treasured member of our Kewarra community, and we deeply thank him for his involvement in active service for our country.


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